Prizm Cloud has expanded.

Prizm Cloud is a suite of web services for optimizing the experience you deliver on your site or blog.

The Prizm Cloud viewer is now Prizm Viewer!
Content Viewing Service
Fast, Easy Setup
Adds high-speed document viewing to your site in a snap—plugins for WordPress and more!
Complete Control
Documents stay safe on your servers, so you can change or remove them anytime.
Safe and Secure
Connects you and your visitors securely—and we don't keep copies.
File Sharing Service
Share All You Want—FREE!
Publish now — no space to rent, no site to create, no software to install, nothing to buy.
Your Space or Ours
Upload files to share — photos, documents, anything! — or link to your server.
Personalize Your Share Page
Choose colors and fonts, and control commenting, printing and downloading.
Image Compression Service
Save Space Anywhere You Store Photos!
Reduce photo file sizes by up to 70%—integrates with Dropbox! Try the WordPress plugin!
Supercharge Your Site or Blog
Shrunk photo files in your site load like lightning—but look just as good as the originals!
Shrink All Your Photo Files
JPEG, PNG, or GIF—Prizm Image cuts them all down to size!
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